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  1. RT Galatea версия шаблона 1.1.1

    Galatea - Version 1.1.1
    Исправленные ошибки:
    • _popupmodule.scss is missing
    • Wrong owl dot position in smaller browser windows
    • Removed unneeded Very-large-desktop setting
    • Rocket Launcher about particle markup error
    • RTL Sidemenu Issue
    • Owl Carousel rendering glitch in Chrome
    • Menu overlay causing issue with dropdowns on tablets

    Новые возможности
    Added Offcanvas Toggle Visibility option

    Изменены файлы и папки:...
  2. RT Galatea версия шаблона 1.1.0

    RT Galatea версия шаблона 1.1.0
    Исправленные ошибки:
    • Offline page and layout needs updating
    • Error page shows js error
    • Menu items not evenly spaced out
    • Imagegrid Rokbox not working due to js error
    • IE11: Owl carousel text not centered
    • Pricing page - white text on white background
    • "pushed" offsidebar not pushing page surround over anymore
    • "g-galatea-style" class missing from Home outline page settings
    • Undefined variable $offsidebar_width when recompiling from Default...